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International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanity Studies (IJ-SSHS)

Publisher:  The Social Sciences Research Society

ISSN:  1309-8063 (Online)

Subject:  Humanities, Social Sciences




Vol 3 No 1 , January 2011






Agnes Csiszarik-Kocsir & Monika Fodor & Andras Medve

The Current and Future Perspectives of Indebtedness of the Municipalities



Amir Maleki &   Sara Karimzadeh 

A Survey of Relationship Between the Environmental Attitudes and Environmental Knowledge and Energy Consumption Behavior among Citizens of Urmia, West Azerbaijan, Iran


Anubama Ramachandra & Nur Naha Abu Mansor & Norhalimah Idris

Line Managers’ Role in Continuous Professional Development and Human Resources


Aydin Cam

Journalism After Wikileaks Experience


Dondu Ucecam Karagel

The Distribution of Elderly Population in Turkey and the Factors Effecting this Distribution


Emine Tugba Kocabiyik

The Impact of Country-of-Origin Effect on Turkish Consumers’ Response Toward Foreign Advertisements



Eva Pinter

Merger and Acquisition in the Financial Services Industry


Ewa Matuska

Innovations at Organisation via Creativity of Employees


Ezgi Eyuboglu

Augmented Reality as an Exciting Online Experience: Is it Really Beneficial for Brands?


Farrah Merlinda Muharam & Maria-Antonia Tarrazon

“Green” Corporate Social Responsibility: To Be or Not To Be?


Hamidah Abdul Rahman & Maisarah Mohamed Saat & Azizah Rajab

Professional Contentment in a Research University: A Case Study


Ilkben Akansel

Pricing of the Art and the Mutual Study of European Union (EU)-Turkey by the Mediation of the Structure of Art Markets: British Royal Ballet (BRB) and Ankara State Opera and Ballet (ASOB) Cases


Irem Kizilaslan

ELT Student Teachers’ Competence for Teaching Language Skills: A Qualitative Exploration


Ismet Ates & Mehmet Bolukbas

Turkey’s Competitiveness in terms of Determinants of FDI: A Comparison with Hungary and Poland


Jasri Jamal & Nor Aziah Mohd & Kamal Halili

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Islamic Finance: Recent Development in Malaysia


Khalaf Taani & Mari'e Hasan Hamed Banykhaled

The Effect of Financial Ratios, Firm Size and Cash Flows from Operating Activities on Earnings Per Share: An Applied Study on Jordanian Industrial Sector


Kolsoum Parhizkari & Steffen Kuehnel

Comparing Modernization in Iran and Turkey


Marcus Stoerkel & Andreas Heck

Global Trends and Practical Examples of Supply Chain Management within the Mobile Telecommunications Industry


Maria Fekete Farkas & Gabor Valko & Roland Toth

Global Challenges and Biofuels


Maruti  Kamble

Sufi Saints in Karnataka


Maryam Lari

The Images of Angels in Iranian Art -A Civilization Interaction in a Comparative



Maurizio Norcia & Antonella Rissotto

How Does Poverty Work? Representations and Causal Attributions for Poverty and Wealth


May Chen Yap & David Yoon Kin Tong & Kim Piew Lai

Consumers’ Perceptions Towards International Supermarket Private Brand Products


Mehmet Ulutas & Adnan Kalkan & Ozlem Cetinkaya Bozkurt

The Effect of Person-Organization Fit on Job Stress and Conflict: An Application on Employees of Businesses in Dalaman International Airport


Meltem Arat

To What Extent the Student is a Customer


Mustafa Kirli & Harun Gumus

The Implementation of Strategic Management Accounting Based on Value Chain Analysis: Value Chain Accounting


Mustafa Ozturk & Osman Nuri Aras

Foreign Capital Investments and Economic Crises in Turkey


Pat Williams-Boyd & Mary Margaret Sweeten

Freeway Segregation, Community Schools and the Urban Poor


Prakash Dongre

Role of Social Forestry in Sustainable Development - A Micro Level Study


Rasa Balvociute & Solveiga Skuncikiene

Towards Sustainable Economic Convergence: Comparative Analysis of Macroeconomic Situation in Lithuania, New and Old Euro Zone Countries


Roziana Shaari & Siti Fatimah Bahari & Nor Akmar Nordin & Kamaruzzaman Abdul Rahim & Azizah Rajab & Mohd Hairil Faiz Hanafiah

An Application of Role Identity Theory to Foster Academics Creativity in a Research University


Ruta Ciutiene Evelina Meiliene & Bronius Neverauskas

Project Portfolio Selection Competences Research in Universities of Lithuania


Sabrina De Regt & Tim Smits & Dimitri Mortelmans 

Trends in Authoritarianism: Evidence from 31 European Countries


Sadettin Keskin

Inter-Cluster Pipelines: The Driving Force of Knowledge Creation and Economic Development


Sadullah Celik & Ulkem Basdas

Wavelet Comovement Analysis Between Tendency Surveys and Economic Activity in Turkey  


Sangroengrob Tibrat

Personality’ Segmentation on the Facebook User in Thailand


Sawmya Ray

Right Intention, Not So Right Outcome: Addressing Domestic Violence through Women's Cell


Sehriban Sahin Kaya

Hidden War against Women


Sibel Coban & Nihan Mutlu Konakci  

Attitudes of the Music Teacher Candidates in Turkey Towards the “Individual Instrument Training Lesson”


Sinem Kocamaz

A New Form of Security Cooperation and Collective Conflict Management in the Post Cold War International System


Syed Shan E Raza

Impact of User it and Internet Skills on Online Banking, Input to Innovative Banking Strategies


Xue Fa Tong & David Yoon Kin Tong & Liang Chen Loy

Factors Influencing Entrepreneurial Intention among University Students


Yalcin Bozkurt & Mevlut Gul & Gulay Hiz

A Review on Consumer Perception of Organically Produced Red Meat and Meat Quality


Yavuz Ozdemir & Huseyin Basligil

Analyzing Tourism Potential and Determining Strategies: Cases of Some Cities in Turkey







Vol 3 No 2 , July   2011





Abdulla Azizi

Innovations and Changes Brought by the Lisbon Treaty: The Social Aspect


Adriana Raducanu

We Are Not Ourselves - Female Characters in Bharati Mukherjee’s Novels


Aynur Pala

The Need for Character Education


Ayse Canatan

Problems Emerging from the Care of Older People: Who Care, Who Pay and Who Control


Ayse Guc Isik

Boundaries and Ethnic Identities - The Conception of Boundary in a Diverse Area-


Azizah Rajab & Hamidah Abdul Rahman & Roziana Shaari

The International Students’ Perception towards the Education Quality


Banu Metin

The Trend in Poverty Rates from the Period of Economic Crises in 2000 and 2001 up to Nowadays in Turkey: A Field Research Regarding Absolutely Poor in Ankara


Burcu Devrim Ictenbas & Hande Eryilmaz

Quality Function Deployment as a Strategic Planning Tool


Burcu Turkcan & R. Fatih Saygili

Foreign Direct Investment Inflows and Net Exports Relationship in Turkey: An Analysis for the Post 1980 Period


Chiara Pierobon

The Role of Music in the National-Bolshevik Organization: A Web-Based Analysis


Chun-Hao Chang

The Competition/Cooperation Relationship in Executive Power Operating of Semi-Presidentialism


Cigdem Aksu

Different Types of Capitals Mobilized to Strengthen Local Political Leadership


Cristina Prochazkova Ilinitchi

Did the Recent Economic Crisis Impact Remittances? Evidence from Transition Countries


Dace Krumane

Impact of the Co-Branding on Customers’ Loyalty in Stockmann Ltd


David Ferreira Lopes Santos & Santiago Valcacer Rodrigues

The Relationship Between Financing Policy and Financial Performance in the Brazilian Textile Industry


Derya Cakir & Kamil Demirhan

Political Character of the Social Actions in the Process of Globalization: A Case Study



Dilge Kodak

Exposition of Privacy in Virtual Environments: An Assessment on the Basis of Facebook and Twitter Users


Ertugrul Ustun Geyik

A Test for Asymmetric Central Bank Preferences in Turkey


Faruk Anil Konuk & Oylum Korkut Altuna

Brand Positioning through Multidimensional Scaling: A Study in the Turkish Shampoo Market


Felicite Fairer-Wessels

Towards Sustainable Entrepreneurial Practices in South Africa: Selected Case Studies


Fitnat Nazli Saygan

Relationship Between Affective Commitment and Organizational Silence: A Conceptual Discussion


Gonul Icli

A Sociological Evaluation of Home-Based Working and Woman Labour


Gulay Aslan

Gender Perceptions of Preservice Teachers


Gulay Hiz

A Field Survey on the Conspicuous Consumption Trend in Turkey (Case Study of Mugla Province)


Gyorgy Gonda

Utilization of Renewable Energies and Changing Energy Structure at Local Goverment, as Drivers of Economic Recovery: Hungarian Case Study


Janina Seputiene

The Estimation of the Relationship Between Wages and Unemployment in the European Union


Jarolim Antal

Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement – Still Alive or Dead Concept in EU-US Relations?


Meltem Onay & Bugra Ozer

Enterpreneurship, Empowerment and the Impact of the Dimension of Female Identity on the Women Involved in Microcredit Financing Schemes: An Empirical Investigation in Izmir Metropolitan Region


Mohamad Husam Helmi

Modeling Monetary Policy Rules in the Mena Countries: Issues And Evidence


Mohamed S. El-Deeb & Yasser Tawfik & Mohga Bassim & Emad Elwy

Activity Based Costing (ABC) as an Approach to Optimize Purchasing Performance in Hospitality Industry


Monika Fodor & Agnes Csiszarik-Kocsir & Agnes Horvath & Jozsef Lehota

Model of the Factors Affecting the Chosen Way of Institutional Catering


Nadir Atesoglu & Ozturk Akcaoglu

The Barrier to Social Dynamics in Turkey: Authoritarian Mentality and Statism


Najib Ahmad Marzuki & Awanis Ku Ishak

Towards Healthy Organisation in Correctional Setting: Correctional Officers’ Wellness, Occupational Stress and Personality


Norhalimah Idris & Geoffrey Edward Chivers & Nur Naha Abu Mansor

A Call for Active HR Personnel Interventions


Nuriye Gures & Seda Arslan & Harun Yilmaz

A Comparison of Airline Service Expectations Between Passengers of Domestic and International Flights


Omer Kurtbag

US Foreign Policy in the Age of Global Uncertainty: The Obama Era Between the Tea Party-Led Opposition and the Global Power Shift in the World Politics 


Osman Nuri Aras & Mustafa Ozturk

Constitutional Economics, Fiscal Policy Rules, and the Case of Turkey


Roziana Shaari & Norashikin Mahmud & Shah Rollah Abdul Wahab & Kamaruzzaman Abdul Rahim & Azizah Rajab & Maisarah Mohamed Saat & Hamidah Ab Rahman & Siti Aisyah Panatik & Hamidah Abdul Rahman & Rosman Md. Yusoff

A Study on Learning Approaches Used Among Post-Graduate Students in Research University


Sirin Akbulut Demirci

Franz Liszt in Ottoman Empire


Szczepan Lemanczyk
European Societies and Emerging Technologies – Debate on Nanotechnology in Polish and Swedish Press


Techachaicherdchoo Teerawut

Undergraduate Student’s Satisfaction toward the New Education System in Thailand


Tereza Vrbova & Michal Safar

Value Orientations and Motivational Structures in Dance Students


Tiffanie Victoria Jones

Tackled - The Immersion of Social Work Profession into the Realm of High Collision Sports


Tolga Kara & Ece Baban

The Effects of Knowledge Economy on the Costs and Cost Comparison of Traditional and Digital Goods


Varija  Bolar

The Role of Islam in Karnataka


Viola Korpa

Development of Family-Friendly Workplaces in Latvia: Exploration of Obstructive and Facilitative Factors


Yeseren Elicin

Social Capital, Leadership and Democracy: Rethinking Fatsa


Zsolt Baranyai & Zsuzsanna Toth Naar & Maria Fekete Farkas

Role of Trust in Building Social Capital and Rural Development


Zuhal Unalp Cepel

European-Turkish Identity Interaction from the Social Constructivist Perspective
























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